Facts & Figures

“It´s very exciting, Edwina got the lead back but Scott is in a great position. It will be exciting till the end”
Jan Tops (Founder)

“Fantastic raiders and horses in the jump-off and, near the end, coming behind Rodrigo and Nick was a big advantage”
Scott Brash

“I´m very pleased to come to this nice show and to be able to pick up a little something on the way there”
Rodrigo Pessoa

“I´m very pleased because the horse has been off for 9 months and this is really the first time he is back. I´m happy and let’s see where we go from here”
Nick Skelton

“I had an unlucky fall in the first round, so I wasn´t calculating anymore. Scott was in the lead and has been very consistent. He´s got great placing. We will wait and see”
Edwina Tops-Alexander